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Community sentence for shooting dog

A farmer from Cornwall has been given a community sentence for shooting his neighbour's pet collie dog.

Trevor Wellington, shot the 18-month-old collie three times after the dog came on to his land last April. He was found guilty in January at Liskeard Magistrates Court of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal and last Wednesday was ordered to do 80 hours community service and pay more than £700 in compensation and costs.

The court heard that the shooting happened after a long history of arguments with the dog's owner and neighbour Jonathan Whitten.

The court was told Wellington had come home and found the collie trying to get at his daughter's pet rabbit. After chasing the dog away he claimed he tried to send it home by shouting and stamping his feet but it would not leave so he got his gun and fired a warning shot in the air.

The court heard that when this failed to send the dog home he shot him, first in the rear as he turned and then twice in the neck.