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Mary Ray to train South Korean Agility entrant for Crufts!

World expert in dog training and acclaimed Heelwork to Music expert Mary Ray will train South Korea’s agility representative for the International Dog Agility competition at Crufts 2006. The event will take place in the Special Events Ring on Thursday 9th March.

Bruce Jun, Head of the Samsung Dog Sports Team, will train with Mary prior to Crufts at her home in Rugby and receive additional training from other UK agility experts. Countries taking part in the Crufts international agility event include Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Holland, the USA, Sweden, Russia, Japan, and of course, the UK. During his training with Mary, Bruce will have a week’s intensive work with his selected border collie to build their partnership and to ensure the dog is happy to work with his temporary new handler.

As well as general obedience training, Mary will build Bruce’s skills in key agility techniques such as course design, planning and evaluation. Crufts 2006 will be the first time for Bruce to show his skills in the UK, but he has already represented Korea in the USDAA World Agility Championships in Phoenix, Arizona, in November 2005. As Mary Ray explains, "The Samsung Dog Sports Team is Korea’s top agility team and Crufts will not only serve as a high-profile platform for people to see their emerging talent, but also to see the country’s heart-felt determination to shine at the world’s greatest dog show."

Mary has worked closely with Samsung for several years now, and travelled to Korea as a special guest in 2005 at the Samsung Family Fun Day, an annual gala day for pet owners who have adopted a dog from the company’s premier kennel facility for companion animals.