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Docking: Tory MPs ‘backpedal’

The Council of Docked Breeds (CDB) has been advising its members to lobby their MPs in the run up to the third reading of the Animal Welfare Bill on March 8th, in order to gauge their opinions on the Government’s preferred line of retaining the status quo for the docking of dogs’ tails.

CDB members have been copying their correspondence to the CDB and a disturbing trend is emerging in Conservative MP’s replies to their constituents.

Many replies from Conservative MPs who were previously 100% supportive of retaining the status quo on docking now suggest that they would only support docking for working dogs and non working dogs are classed under: "the appalling act of docking for cosmetic reasons".

"The fact that the paragraph containing this line is identical in every letter surely means that this is now the Conservative party line," says Ginette Elliott, Secretary of the CDB. "If it is not appalling or cruel to dock working breeds, how on earth can it be appalling or cruel to continue docking all of the traditionally docked breeds?"

She continues: "The fact that Conservative Party now appears to be ignoring the results of three and a half years of investigation and consultation by DEFRA and the Government which concluded that their ‘preference is that there should continue to be freedom of choice’ indicates that the Conservative Party no longer supports freedom and choice."