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Hunt ban "a failure" says Hoey

THE HUNTING ban has led to more foxes being killed and has been "inconsistent" in its application, Labour MP Kate Hoey has said.

Hoey, who is chairman of the Countryside Alliance, also said more people are now hunting with hounds.

The Vauxhall MP said: "How do you know you are breaking the law when it is full of so many inconsistencies? If you are going out legally following a scented fox-trail and the hounds come across a real fox, they can kill it before it is possible to shoot it."

Hoey said the imposition of the ban has appealed to the "British rebellious streak" and people who had never hunted before have started riding out with hounds.

Despite warnings from the alliance last year that the ban would lead to thousands of hounds being put down, she says that none has so far been killed and no jobs have been lost.

"All the hunts have far more people going out with them. A lot more women are going out, more young people. People are getting fed up being told how to run their lives," she said.

"In the longer term [the law] will have to be repealed, not just because people who hunt want it to be repealed but because the police say it is not working."