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International Day of the Dog 30th April 2006

As we are in the Chinese Year of the Dog, it seems a good time to introduce a day of the year on which owners can spend some time enjoying the company of their best friend.

Jan Fennell the Dog Listener has suggested the International Day of the Dog, to be held on Sunday 30th April 2006. Whether you would like to organise a walk, a show or even just spend an hour playing, IDOD has the intention of creating better understanding of dogs, with the one stipulation being that there is to be no force used on the dog i.e. no violence, no shock collars, no jerking about, no shouting.

This first year’s theme is anti-bullying. We are promoting the idea that no dog or owner should ever be bullied into doing something they are not happy about, so IDOD will be a positive, fun time for all, human and canine.

There is nothing to sign, nothing to pay, simply let us know what you did with your dog on April 30th and we can hopefully make this an annual event. We would love to advertise you event on our website. No activity is too big or too small. Let us know your ideas and experiences, and above all HAVE FUN!

Amichien Dog Listeners - Official Sponsors of IDOD

Jan Fennel is very proud to announce that there are now over one hundred Dog Listeners worldwide, and this has only been possible because of like minded people wanting to work with dogs without the use of force, bullying, gadgets or violence.

From Australia, The United States, to Europe and Asia sincere people have travelled to Lincolnshire to learn just how to help those who experience challenges with their dogs.

The success of the method known as Amichien Bonding is what these lovely people adore, whether required to help with very damaged dogs who have many problems or to assisting owners who simply want a good relationship with their dog made better.