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Spanish dog saved from hanging

Flower, safe and well and looking for a home

Dogs Trust Merseyside appeals for home

A SPANISH dog was saved from a cruel death thanks to the actions of a British dog lover.
‘Flower’ is a four-year-old Podenco, a rare Spanish Hunting dog who was brought into Dogs Trust Merseyside Rehoming Centre after being saved from certain death. While living in Spain, a Mrs Websters came across Flower hanging by his neck from a tree.

She quickly rescued the dog and took him to the vets. Mrs Websters then decided to bring Flower back to England to live with her, but found her daughter was allergic to dogs so regretfully contacted Dogs Trust to find him a new home.

Spanish Hunting Dogs are often sacrificed at the end of a hunting season in cruel and barbaric ways simply because they are no longer needed or are considered bad hunters who have brought embarrassment and humiliation to their owners.

Despite this near premature end to his young life, Flower is doing well and is recovering from his injuries. Dogs Trust is looking for a home for Flower, free from children under the age of twelve.

He loves his walks and because of his breeding and background would need a home with someone who is able to give him plenty of exercise.