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Ted Boulton

Everyone will have felt very sad on learning that Ted Boulton has died.

He coped so stoically and well with all that a more than troublesome and worrying leg problem could deal him over the past two years; the result of a broken femur and the metal plate that reacted adversely. One felt come what may he would keep going, but sadly it was not to be.
A gentle and quiet man, Ted and Barbara thoroughly enjoyed their Canteba Miniatures and Ted supported Barbara in every way. Always with her at the shows, when their homebred Ch Canteba Ice Ice Baby was made up there was no prouder person. A rather special goal was achieved in the summer of last year with being at their daughter’s wedding. A truly happy and special time for the family and all their friends.

Barbara has close family ties and special friends who will be supportive as well as having our sympathy and special thoughts at this sad time.

Peter Newman