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Dandie Dinmont - from Vulnerable to Viable
Independent Breed Forum Open To All

Sunday 29th January 2006
11am - 5pm (Lunch 1pm-2pm)

The Dandie Dinmont is officially recognised by The Kennel Club as being a Vulnerable Native Breed, after two decades of decline there were just 81 puppies registered in 2005. Whilst never a ‘popular’ breed in the mainstream sense, numbers are now so low that real concern is being expressed internationally about the breed’s viability.

In the UK the breed has three breed clubs and all three are supporters of an independent forum being organised on the breed titled ‘Dandie Dinmont - from Vulnerable to Viable’, to be held on Sunday 29th January 2006 at Baginton Village Hall, Near Coventry. In addition to the three UK breed clubs the forum has the support of both the Canadian and American breed clubs and The Dandie Dinmont Trust. Members of the KC Vulnerable Native Breeds Committee and the British & Irish Dog Breed Preservation Trust will be in attendance on the day and endorse the event.

The style of the event will be unique for a dog forum. There will be no top table, no official speakers and no rigid agenda. The event will be run in the style of the ‘Kilroy’ programme with the chairs facing each other and the Chairman moving the debate between members of the ‘audience’. The independent Chairman for the event will be Peter Eva, Chairman of the Manchester Terrier Club, (another Vulnerable Native Breed) and member of the KC VNB Committee and a long term Terrier enthusiast.

The organisers invite anyone with an interest in the breed to attend and discuss the challenges facing the breed in the future. Experienced breeders, first time owners, owners of pet Dandies, indeed even non owners are welcome, all that is required is a genuine interest in the breed and a concern for the future of this and indeed all of Britain’s Vulnerable Native Breeds. The organisers want to hear as many different points of view and constructive ideas as possible. The venue is ‘dog friendly’, so any well behaved dogs will be very welcome.

This event will be TOTALLY FREE to attend, this includes the quality teas, coffees and light refreshments, which it is hoped will help to promote a friendly and constructive atmosphere for the day.

Further information about the forum can be found on the web at:
Or contact the organiser directly: Paul Keevil tel/fax: 01342 836218 - e-mail: