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New committee members at IKC

The Irish Kennel Club held its Annual General Meeting on Friday, January
13th.  The following Officers and Committees were elected:-

President:  Mr. Sean Delmar    Vice-President:  Miss Mary Crowley
Treasurer:   Mrs. R. McCarry Beattie

General Purposes Committee:   Mr. Fred Cuthbert, Mr. Michael Drennan, Mr.
Michael Gavin, Mr. Nick Hammond, Mr. Brian O'Hara, Mrs. Evelyn Hurley and
Mrs. Susan Kealy.

Green Star and Judges' Committee:  Mr. Colm Beattie, Mr. Philip Behan, Mr.
Dermot Timmins, Mr. Nicky White, Mrs. Cathie Delmar,  Mrs. Josie Foley and
Miss Joy O'Connor

Obedience Rules Committee:  Mrs. M. Bailey, Mrs. P. O'Boyle, Miss J. Owens,
Miss J. A. Holmes, Mr. R. D'Arcy, Mr. J. Stephens

Field Trial Committee:  Mr. J. Dalton, Mr. C. Davitt, Mr. C. Hancock, Mr. W.
Joyce, Mr. C. Neilson, Mr. B. O'Hara, Mr. T. O'Leary, Mr. J. Perry