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KC launches Puppy Handbook

The Kennel Club has produced a Puppy Handbook, which explains how a new owner should best care for their new puppy. The Handbook is an essential guide, which will help the owners of newly registered puppies to understand the needs of their puppy, both physically and mentally.

Covering topics such as living with your puppy, puppy diet, the puppy environment and health and safety, the Kennel Club Puppy Handbook will help make the transition from puppyhood to adulthood as easy as possible.

Caroline Kisko said: ‘The Kennel Club is fortunate to have a wealth of knowledge on which to draw and many people have given their time to this publication and made it a worthwhile added benefit to registration with the Kennel Club. Not only does it supply new owners with essential guidance on bringing up their new puppy, but it is also a great way for people to understand the huge range of services that the Kennel Club can provide to new puppy owners.’

‘We hope many new puppy owners will be encouraged by the Handbook to contact the Kennel Club for further advice, support and information so their puppy can become a well adjusted adult which is a pleasure to own,’ she adds.

The Puppy Handbook supports the Kennel Club’s aim of striving to be the first port of call on all canine matters and will be included within the specially tailored new owner registration pack.
Anyone wanting further information on KC registration should contact 0870 606 6750.