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First ‘Puppy Farming’ meeting hailed a success

The first meeting of the new group aimed at addressing the problem of what is sometimes called ‘puppy farming’ has been hailed as a success.

The Kennel Club called the meeting, which took place at Clarges Street on Wednesday 4th January, in order to discuss and agree a strategy to tackle this issue.

Several delegates from the Kennel Club were joined at the meeting by representatives from Defra, the RSPCA and Dogs Trust. A constructive debate took place, discussing a range of topics surrounding ‘puppy farming’ and how best to target the problem.

Among the subjects considered by the group were

agreeing a definition of the term ‘puppy farming’

discussing the present and future roles of each organisation, and

developing a joint and co-ordinated strategy in order to ensure the maximum benefit for dogs in trying to eliminate the problems encountered with puppy farming.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said: "This meeting proved extremely beneficial as a starting point for all concerned, in our attempts to find ways of dealing with the health and welfare issues that puppy farming can cause. The group will now begin working on the initial action points agreed at the meeting and further details of these discussions will be made in due course."