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Battersea dog sniffs out stolen bag

Freddie, a dog from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home was hailed a local hero when he sniffed out a stolen bag brimming with over £2,000-worth of wigs for cancer sufferers whilst out on his morning stroll.

Freddie was out with his foster owner, Kevin Billows, early one morning in Palmers Green when he discovered the bag. Kevin promptly took the bag to Tottenham Police Station and the police then contacted the owner, local Dartford hairdresser Anita Smith, to let her know the good news.
Anita Smith and her fiancé were asleep when thieves broke into their house in the dead of night, located their car keys and made off with both their cars and all the contents.

In Anita’s car, among other things, was the bag with over £2,000-worth of wigs and £60 in cash. Anita delivers and fits wigs to cancer patients at local hospitals and hospices, so this loss not only affected her. Anita was devastated about the break in but was then dealt another cruel blow when she was informed her insurance did not cover her for the loss of the wigs, so their safe return was a godsend.

Once Anita collected the bag and contents from the police, she went round to personally thank Kevin and Freddie and to give them a reward, £60 cash from the bag. Kevin refused the reward but asked Anita to donate £30 towards Battersea Dogs & Cats Home to help all the other current residents.

Since Freddie discovered the bag, one of the cars has been found in Banbury but sadly the other car and the rest of the belongings have not been located. Freddie has since found a permanent new home.