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Zena Patterson (Pattamac)

It is with great sadness, that I have to report the death of Zena Patterson of the Pattamac Poodles.

Zena was a well known breeder of miniature and toy poodles for many, many years, specialising in breeding browns.

I personally have known Zena for just over 30 years, having bought my first toy poodle from her in the early 70s.

She was a very happy, friendly sort of person, always willing to help and advise new poodle owners and exhibitors.

She had lived in the Bournemouth area for a very long time, and as long as she was able to drive, was to be found at almost all the open and Championship shows from the London area, well down into the South and West Country.

Along with Elsie Davis (Pixiecroft) sadly, no longer with us and Joan Sheard (Embercourt) still very much with us, Zena could be seen arriving at shows with five or six dogs between them, they would stay until the end, and then all pile back into whose ever car they were travelling in and wend their way back to Bournemouth.

This happened almost every week-end, and her stock formed the foundation for many of the kennels we know to-day.

Zena celebrated her 95th birthday on January 5th. She passed away on the 9th January in Bournemouth Hospital.

Her funeral is to be held on Friday January 20th at 10:15 am at Bournemouth Crematorium.

Muriel Prince