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New hope for Greek Island dogs

TWO LUCKY dogs are settling into a new home in the UK thanks to the efforts of a concerned animal lover.

Michele Walker, of Eaton Ford, St Neots, has given the dogs, named Flossy and Snoopy, a new lease of life after they came to the UK from Greece on pet passports last month.The dogs had previously been abandoned and had ended up in a Greek animal shelter.

The plight of Flossy captured the hearts of readers early last year when the Town Crier newspaper reported on a dog shelter on the island of Skiathos.

One of the dogs, named Flossy had not only been abandoned, but also run over by a car and then dumped in a dustbin to die. The shelter took Flossy in and brought her back to health.

Michele 45, who works as a dog groomer alerted readers to Flossy's plight when she told of a 3,000 mile road trip she made with her husband Dennis to rescue several dogs and bring them to England to be cared for by new loving owners. The trip almost ended with Dennis losing his life after he developed the condition deep vein thrombosis (DVT) caused by all the driving and had to spend several days in intensive care in Germany.

Thankfully Dennis is now well on the way to a full recovery and a third dog which the couple had to leave behind in Germany, a Bloodhound called Margo, is all set to come to England within the next month or so.

Michele has been out to the dog shelter several more times and, thanks to the generosity of her dog grooming customers and Town Crier readers, she has been able to send over much needed supplies, including a generator.


She said: "One of my customers came in with a generator because of what I had told him and the piece in the paper. I have also received money which has gone on things like dog coats because it gets very cold out there in the winter."

Michele is always looking to raise more funds so she can help more dogs. She recently ran a charity stall at Huntingdon market and raised nearly £650. She said: "I hope that if people have received things at Christmas they do not want they will donate them so I can sell them to raise funds. I am always looking for bric-a-brac and anything I can sell." Michele is also hoping that several more dogs can be given new lives in the UK this year and is currently seeking potential owners.

If you can help in any way Michele can be contacted on 01480 393323. Information is also available at www.greek