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Bella Moss plans Memorial Day seminars

Jill Moss at the recent MRSA In Pets Conference with Chris Laurence, Peterinary officer
of the Dogs Trust and Professor David Lloyd of the Royal Veterinary College

THE BELLA Moss Foundation, the well-known charity helping animals suffering with MRSA, is to hold a special Memorial Day on Sunday August 27th for pet owners who can come along to the Dogs Trust’s London rescue centre in Harefield, Middlesex, meet other owners, learn about animal welfare and health and also to meet Jill Moss and friends of the Foundation.

The day is ostensibly held in remembrance of Bella, Jill’s beloved Samoyed who died of MRSA after a routine surgical procedure two years ago. The event will also be combined with two seminars;

One which will be presented by eminent veterinary surgeon Andre Menache on the challenges facing animal welfare in the 21st century, and the other, from Author Ira Stuart talking about all aspects of dog psychology problems and their solutions.

The Memorial Day seminars come hard on the heels of the Foundation’s organisation of the first ever conference on MRSA in pets, which was staged at the University of Liverpool last month. The conference was very successful and brought together many of the leading lights in research into MRSA, whilst giving the condition afflicting pets a higher public profile.

Jill Moss, President and Founder of The Bella Moss Foundation, said: ‘Last year we had a memorial day that was very sad and sombre. We planted a tree for Bella that bloomed this year, and it was a chance for people who had heard of what happened to meet each other. This time we wanted to not just join with the people who have contacted the foundation over the last year or so, but also offer them the chance of hearing from some of the experts we have met and who are interested in our work.

‘We came up with the idea of having seminars because we know that there are a lot of events that vets can attend, but relatively few for the people who have day-to-day care of pets. And we thought that letting people know about preventative things they can do would be a fitting memorial for Bella’

The event will be free to pet owners and lunch will be provided through an event sponsor.
‘We didn’t want people to have to pay to hear about keeping their pet free from illness and well behaved,’ says Moss. ‘The Foundation won’t be making any money from this other than any donations that people want to make, but we believe that getting the information out there is the priority.

‘We are very grateful to Dogs Trust, which was Founded in 1891, and was formerly known as the National Canine Defence League, for its help and support in this event.’

Sasha Johnson of the Dogs Trust said, ‘We are very pleased to be involved with The Bella Moss Foundation in holding this event. Dogs Trust has always campaigned on dog welfare-related issues so as to ensure a safe and happy future for our four-legged friends. As the largest dog welfare charity in the UK, the charity cares for over 13,500 stray and abandoned dogs every year through a network of 16 re-homing centres. The charity has a non destruction policy, never destroys a healthy dog, and is dedicated to tackling the causes of the stray dog problem through re-homing, neutering and micro-chipping campaigns. In addition, Dogs Trust also runs education programmes in certain areas for the dog owners of tomorrow.

‘Dogs Trust’s Chief Executive, Clarissa Baldwin, invented the famous slogan ‘A Dog is for Life, Not Just for Christmas®’ in response to the staggering number of dogs abandoned in the months following Christmas each year, she had no idea that the catchphrase would still hold true nearly 30 years later.’

* The schedule for the day will be:

10-10.30 – Arrival and coffee
10.35 – Introduction by Mark Dosher, Secretary of The Bella Moss Foundation
10.45 – Remembrance of Bella including video footage by Jill Moss, President of The Bella Moss Foundation
11.15 –Author Ira Stuart on dog psychology
12.15 – Lunch
1.15pm - What The Foundation has achieved in its first year by Jill Moss, President, and Mark Dosher, Secretary, The Bella Moss Foundation
2.15pm - 2nd Seminar – Animal Welfare Challenges to the Veterinary Profession in the 21st Century by Andre Menache
3.15pm – Chit-chats, coffee and biscuits
5pm – CLOSE

Any pet owner wishing to attend should contact Jill Moss for all the details by emailing her at