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Canine virus hits East Anglia

REPORTS HAVE been received in the last week of a virus which is believed to have killed a number of dogs in the Norwich area.

Others have reportedly been seriously ill with symptoms of sickness, diarrhoea & respiratory difficulty.

Although initial reports suggested it was not parvovirus the RSPCA have confirmed another outbreak of the potentially deadly disease and are urging owners to ensure that their dogs are vaccinated. Most of the dogs that died were unvaccinated puppies but it has affected vaccinated dogs as well.

So far all those affected are thought to have come from the Mile Cross & Lakenham areas. The region’s dog warden is keeping records to try and establish a pattern or source and one of the dead dogs has been sent to Newmarket for a post mortem.

It is assumed the virus is being spread by close contact between dogs or contact with infected urine/faeces/vomit but it is not known for sure.

At present owners are being strongly advised to avoid areas in Norwich where numbers of dogs congregate and to advise anyone in the region to do the same.