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Dogs shot dead after street attack

TWO DOGS were shot dead by police last week after savaging a woman in a street.

The 42-year-old woman suffered serious injuries to her arms and legs after the large dogs, believed to be Bullmastiffs attacked her in Speke, Liverpool.

The woman was walking home at 12.45am on the morning of Friday June 30th when the animals escaped from a nearby property and pounced on her.

By the time police arrived, the dogs had fled but were traced to a nearby house, where they were shot.

The woman was taken to Whiston Hospital in a serious but not life-threatening condition.

When police arrived the dogs had fled, but neighbours told officers where the animals lived and members of the armed response unit moved in to secure the area.

Officers spoke to the dogs' female owner and decided they were too dangerous to be taken to a vet to be assessed, so took the decision to shoot them.

A spokeswoman for Merseyside Police said: ‘The dogs were traced to a nearby house and destroyed by firearms officers with the owner's consent. An investigation is under way to establish if any offences have been committed.’

Police said seven ‘pit bull type’ dogs had been seized in the Merseyside area over recent weeks as part of an operation to take dangerous dogs off the streets.