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Tragic death of Afghan stalwart

Irene Fairlie

A former Crufts judge and dog breeder collapsed and died after her home was targeted by criminals.

Irene Fairlie, 88, who had bred Afghan Hounds, collapsed and died whilst telephoning police to report a burglary.

Mrs Fairlie, an asthma sufferer, woke from an afternoon nap to discover intruders had stolen her purse. She immediately telephoned police but as she was speaking, began gasping for breath before the line went silent.

The widow managed to activate a panic alarm, by the time neighbours and paramedics arrived at her bungalow in Maidenhead, Berkshire, she was dead.

Police said that Mrs Fairlie, a popular and well-known lady in Afghan circles, was killed by the shock and distress caused by burglars in her home. Neighbours said the area had been plagued by vandalism and drug taking youths in recent months.

Mrs Fairlie’s son John said, “My mother was a sprightly and energetic woman and we are devastated. She had bred dogs, primarily Afghan Hounds, and was a judge at Crufts. She was a very intelligent and warm person and very independent. This was a tragic and unforeseen consequence of petty crime.”

OUR DOGS sends deepest condolences to Mrs Fairlie’s family and friends.