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Wiccaweys Rescue to launch new Internet forum

WICCAWEYS BORDER Collie Rescue have announced some good news, and some bad news...
The bad news is, that after two years, the Wiccaweys forum will be closing.

But the GOOD NEWS is, there’s a bright spangly brand new super-forum open at

Wiccaweys co-founder Sarah Carey said: ‘We've outgrown the proboards forum, and now we have our own self-hosted forum.

‘Unfortunately, there isn't a way to transfer the old posts from our old forum (proboards) into this spangly new board. This also goes for your Private Mails (PMs) and messages. So if there's anything you need to save, you'll need to save it very soon.

‘The new Forum will look familiar to you all, we've replicated all the old sections (plus some new exciting sections, including Wiccaweys TV) so the move isn't so traumatic.

‘Unfortunately, it does mean that you'll all have to re-register and set up your avatars and signatures again. Still, it's worth it because the new forum is bigger and better than before.’

The old forum will still be accessible until the end of July when the Forum Moderators will lock all of the topics and it will serve simply as an archive.

Sarah adds: ‘If there are some threads from the old board you'd like to continue on the new board, please do. We want you to feel at home on the new board, and I'm sure that before long it'll be as busy and vibrant as the old one.

‘And of course we’d be delighted to welcome new members to the Forum too!’

The new Forum Board can be found at: