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Obituary - Arthur Hedges

It is with sadness that I write of the death of Arthur Hedges on Friday July 7th, aged 87 years.
Arthur was a great personal friend and was well-known and liked by so many dog people.

Arthur’s great love was the afghan hound which he exhibited under the Kushra affix in partnership with Ron and the late Helen Morgan. He also loved the Dandie Dinmont terrier and Dachshunds which they also exhibited with some success. In later years, Arthur joined me in partnership with Borzoi.

Born and living most of his life in Salford, he was a well-known all-rounder judge, particularly in the north and was an associate member of the Kennel Club for many years. He awarded CC s in both Afghans and Borzoi.

A committee member of the Northern Afghan Hound Society for many years, Arthur held the office of President at the time of his death. He had also been a committee member of the Northern Borzoi Association and he gave generously of his time and financially to both clubs.

Arthur was a veteran of many of the major battles of the second world war, his last being the battle of Montecasino for which he was awarded the Polish Gold Cross of Merit.

Arthur had a wonderfully dry sense of humour which he retained until the end. He suffered a long illness when last August he developed pneumonia and suffered a stroke which robbed him of the ability to eat or drink. Although confined to his home, he still took a keen interest in the dog scene and in particular, the activities of the two clubs he had served. The last week of his life was spent in hospital and on Friday, July 7, he suffered a major stroke and sadly did not recover.

I shall miss him greatly as will his many friends.

Trevor Jepson