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Mel to the rescue!

OUR DOGS’ own Mel Vincent was the heroine of the hour at South Wales show last Friday evening as she came to the rescue of Curlycoated Retriever Rene, who found herself in difficulties when part of the river bank on which she was standing gave way.

Mel was exercising her own Bulldog before setting off for home when she saw James Wellbeloved’s Charlotte Mann desperately struggling with her collection of Curlycoated retrievers, Chihuahua, et al. Part of the river bank had given way, stranding Rene - Gladrags Guardian Angel - eight feet below and perilously close to the river.

Quick as a flash Mel proved to be Rene’s own guardian angel by getting a rope from her van then fearlessly and without a thought for her own safety dashing over, getting the rope around Rene and dragging the traumatised dog to safety.

A thankful Charlotte explained: ‘Mel saved her! We were all walking when the river bank gave way and Rene disappeared from sight. The lead went with her and she was under an overhang with no chance of reaching her’.

Well done to modest Mel, pictured here on the James Wellbeloved stand with Ray (Rene’s dad alias Sh Ch Gladrags Brief Encounter), Rene and Charlotte Mann.