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Animal Welfare charities call for immediate enquiry

Several of the UK’s largest animal welfare charities and members of the Greyhound Forum are calling for immediate action from the government and the greyhound racing industry following the reports of the alleged activities of David Smith, reported to have killed an estimated 10,000 ex-racing greyhounds.

The fate of racing greyhounds when they come to the end of their racing career has long been of concern to the Greyhound Forum, which comprises many of the biggest animal charities in the UK and Ireland. The group is calling for urgent action to regulate the greyhound racing industry and ensure that all greyhound racecourses work with welfare bodies to find homes for ex-racing greyhounds, to avoid greyhounds suffering the fate as reported this week.

Clarissa Baldwin, Chair of the Greyhound Forum, said: ‘If the reports of the slaughter of thousands of greyhounds are true, the situation is simply intolerable. We have been calling for regulation of the industry for a long time, and after reports like this emerge, it would be unforgivable if the sport’s governing bodies do not sit up and take notice. There have been past instances of horrific abuse of ex-racing greyhounds, which have resulted in prosecution, so there is no excuse for sitting back and ignoring this. The fate of greyhounds after their racing career is over should be at the heart of an enquiry.’

The Greyhound Forum hopes that an official enquiry will be held as soon as possible, and will be monitoring this closely.