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Re-launch for Scottish SPCA Website

THE SCOTTISH Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, (Scottish SPCA) has re-launched its website. The society has said that the new design is a considerable improvement on the old version.

Visitors to the website will be able to take an active role in campaigning to improve animal welfare and view animals in need of rehoming from across the country. They can also sign up to receive daily Society news stories, and donate directly to the Scottish SPCA online.

The website also introduces new incident report forms which help the Society's Parliamentary Team keep track of problems caused to animals by both airguns and fireworks. The forms are intended to help create a comprehensive database monitoring the misuse of airguns and fireworks, providing accurate and up-to-date statistics for use in Scottish SPCA campaigns.
Ben Supple, Scottish SPCA Website Editor said: ‘The launch of the website has been a highly anticipated event. Web viewers will now be able to access Scottish SPCA information at the click of a button, and our supporters will be able to make online Direct Debit donations.

‘The website will be a vital tool for anyone wishing to learn more about the Scottish SPCA or wishing to play a more active role in animal welfare. Visitors will be able to view animals in need of rehoming from across the country, and we hope that the site will help create happy endings for many animals in need of a good home.’

Leonora Merry, Scottish SPCA Parliamentary Officer said: ‘The new website is going to offer animal lovers a new opportunity to help make a difference to animals not only in Scotland, but also around the world. The Scottish SPCA's Campaigns page will allow users to sign up to a special campaigns newsletter, will give details of how they can get involved in current Scottish SPCA campaigns, and will keep the public informed about the changing face of animal welfare.’