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KC slams new ‘training device’

THE KENNEL Club has issued a press release expressing its total opposition to the use in ‘training’ of a wireless crate known as the ‘Stay! Mat’, which it says will cause indefensible pain, fear and suffering to dogs.

The press release details how: ‘This abhorrent so-called training device works by detecting a dog’s weight and emitting electric shocks via a collar to the dog constantly from when it leaves the mat, until it returns. Designed for use in a house this mat is guaranteed to keep your dog confined to one small space from which it is not even able to take a step.

‘Although the collar emits a beeping sound before an electric shock, the mat is another sad example of how fear, pain and suffering can be used to restrict a dog’s movement to the extent that it would not even be able to take a step without being subject to distress.

‘Surely a beeping sound would not be enough to deter a dog from needing to go outside to go the toilet? Surely a beeping sound would not prevent a dog getting distracted by everyday household noises such as a doorbell? Surely common sense dictates that anybody who believes their dog should be subjected to electric shocks for such behaviour is not fit to be a dog owner?
‘The Kennel Club has heard all the arguments used to defend the indefensible electric shock collars. On what grounds could the use of an electric mat ever be justified? This is the question that the Kennel Club will, in the very near future be asking Defra and Parliamentarians.
‘The Kennel Club is heartened that 100 MPs have signed the Early Day Motion in Parliament that calls on the Government to ban the sale and use of electric shock collars and is confident that calling for a ban on electric Stay Mats will receive equal support.

‘In the meantime the Kennel Club would urge all readers to write to their MPs and let them know about the mats and why they, along with electric shock collars must be completely banned as part of the Animal Welfare Bill.

‘You can write to your MP at The House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. Write now for the sake of all dogs! You can find out who your local MP is by contacting the House of Commons switchboard on 020 7219 3000 or visiting