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Wedding joy for Nathan & Sarah

Photo by John D Jackson

OUR DOGS is delighted to congratulate Nathan Busby and Sarah Edge on the occasion of their wedding which took place on July 15 at Denstone College, Staffordshire.

Nathan has been involved with the Afghan breed for something like 30 years, helping his mother Lesley with numerous canine duties.

Pictured here in David Paton’s lovely photograph are Michael Edge (bride’s father), Lesley Busby, Nathan and Sarah, Alan Busby (groom’s father) and June Edge (bride’s mother). Both Alan and Lesley are Championship Show Judges and breeders of Wilbus Afghan Hounds. Lesley is also Secretary of the Southern Afghan Club and Vice President of Dover and Deal Canine Society.

All good wishes to Nathan and Sarah for a long and happy life together from everyone at OUR DOGS.