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New Champion for Spring show
The Kennel Club of Jersey Spring Championship Show - 6th May 2006

Photo by John D Jackson
Best in show was Mesdames Whitehead & Sinclair's Tibetan Spaniel Araki Fair Enough,
seen here with the judge David Cavill (centre), Sue Whitehead
and President of the Kennel Club of Jersey Brian Cummins

FOR THE second time this year, the sun shone on The Kennel Club of Jersey’s Spring Championship Show at the Royal Jersey Showground.

For this show each group winner was awarded a Challenge Certificate, and this show is as popular as ever as it is also a qualifier for Crufts with the Group 2 getting the Reserve Challenge Certificate. When an exhibit has won three Challenge Certificates and it has been validated by the KCJ Committee, the exhibit will be awarded the status of Jersey Champion and will be allowed to put Jsy CH in front of its name. The Best Puppy and Best Junior in Groups also qualify for Crufts.

As with the Winter show we had three judges: David Cavill judged the Pastoral, Working and Hound; Sean Knight the Utility and Terrier Groups and Bob Brampton judged the Toys and Gundogs.

Winning the Challenge Certificate was the Gernman Shepherd Dog, Carol and David Turner's GSD (Alsation) Chakona's Hawaiian Dream with the Reserve Challenge Certificate going to the Samoyed. Group 3 and Best Veteran was the Bearded Collie and the Border Collie was Group 4.
Valery Johnson’s Shetland Sheepdog, Myndoc Blue Mercedes at Valdug won Best Puppy in Group whilst Collette Allo Allen’s Rough Collie, Brooklynson Diamond Rock at Ribans took Puppy Group 2 and Best Novice in Group; Best Junior in Group was John and Simone Moulin’s Alsatian Penwartha Christmas Star and Collette Allen’s Rough Collies were successful winning Best Brace.

The Working Group CC was the Boxer Margaret Bayes’s Docrema Millionaire; whilst the Reserve Challenge Certificate went to the Siberian Husky Sue Warn’s Lapatka Spirit Wolf Group 3 was the Great Dane and the Leonberger was Group 4 and Best Novice in Group. Best Puppy in Group was Margaret Bayes’s Boxer, Docrema Mystic Meg whilst Best Junior was the Rottweiller.

In the Hound group the CC was awarded to the Beagle, Sarah Woodhouse's Beagle Timamso Maestro of Birybarn with the Reserve Challenge Certificate going to the Whippet, Barnesmore Let It Be for Elangeni Group 3 and Best Junior in Group was the Afghan Hound and the Mini Wire Haired Dachshund was Group 4. Steeve and Lisa Batista’s Whippet, Eeri Lovely Rita was Best Puppy in Group; Sarah and Ryan Woodhouse’s Beagle, Timamso Amour was Reserve Best Puppy and Novice in Group whilst Best Veteran was Stuart and Pamela Mottershaw’s Whippet, Eeri Stormy Weather at Elangeni and they were also successful in Best Brace with their Whippets.

Utility Group main winners were the Challenge Certificate was the Tibetan Terrier, her 3rd, making her a Jersey Champion, Whitehead and Le Masurier's Tibetan Terrier Araki Heaven to Betsy and the Reserve Challenge Certificate went to the Miniature Poodle, Idadoun Black n Dreamy. Group 3 was the Tibetan Spaniel and the Bulldog was Group 4. Best Puppy and Novice in Group was Sue Whitehead and Rachel Le Masurier’s Tibetan Terrier, Araki Heaven To Betsy with the Japanese Spitz gaining Best Junior In Group. Best Veteran was Francis Gilberts Tibetan.Spaniel, Faldouet Keze Cho and Jean Thoumes was successful in the Brace with her Miniature Poodles.

In the Terrier Ring the the Challenge Certificate went to the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Angie Seedhouse’s Rockstaff Kaos at Granitangel her second, with the Reserve Challenge Certificate going to the Cesky Terrier, Lastarean Kral of Zidout. Group 3 was the West Highland White Terrier and the Scottish Terrier was Group 4. Best Puppy in Group was Christianne Creber and Kevin Cochrane’s Manchester Terrier, Amyandas Knight Fever with Best Junior going to Anna Pinto’s West Highland White Terrier, Newtonglen Suzie at McKalay and Best Novice in Group was Nicola Windsor’s Staffordshire’s Bull Terrier, Remstaff Rocque Qui Sonne. Best Veteran in Group was Adrian Marett’s Cesky Terrier, Malsville Lincoln Ridley and Mark Fletcher and Angie Seedhouse won Best Brace in Group with their Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

In the Toy Ring winning the Challenge Certificate and hot in the footsteps of the CC at WELKS was the Yorkshire Terrier Davonne’s Destiny with the Reserve Challenge Certificate going to the Pekingese. Group 3 was the Bichon Frise and the Pomeranian which was also Best Puppy was Group 4. Best Junior in Group went to Thelma Alsford’s Pomeranian, Thelbern Mary Poppins and she was also successful winning Best Brace.

The Gundog Group The Challenge Certificate went to the American Cocker Spaniel, Fielgar Majestic Quest with the Reserve Challenge Certificate going to the English Setter. Group 3 and Best Junior was the Cocker Spaniel and the English Springer Spaniel was Group 4. Best Puppy in Group was Alison Battrick’s Labrador Retriever, Jancerie Gigi With Puppy Group 2 being the Cocker Spaniel, Shenmore Spruce at Derrindee belonging to Derryn De Carteret’s. Best Novice was Ruth Philippe’s Golden Retriever, Katesclan Miss Adventure. Best Veteran in Group went to Debbie Houghton and Enid Le Gresley’s American Cocker, Fielgar Tansation and Ro and Nigel Cox’s Irish Setters won Best Brace in Group.

The rings were then joined and Mr David Cavill stepped forward to judge Best in Show and gave it to the newly crowned Tibetan Terrier, Jsy CH Araki Fair Enough belonging to Sue Whitehead and Ann Sinclair’s with Reserve Best in Show going to Margaret Bayes’s homebred Boxer, Docrema Millionaire. Best Puppy in Show was Thelma Alsford’s Pomeranian, Thelbern Diamond Lil and Reserve Best Puppy and Best Novice in Show was Sue Whitehead and Rachel Le Masurier’s Tibetan Terrier, Araki Heaven To Betsy. Best Junior in Show was John and Simone Moulin’s Alsatian Penwartha Christmas Star handled by Kevin Cochrane. Best Veteran in Show was Adrian Marett’s Cesky Terrier, Malsville Lincoln Ridley and Best Brace was Stuart and Pamela Mottershaw’s Whippets.

Mr Sean Knight then stepped into the ring to judge some special classes, the Exhibitors Iceberg Trophy for never having won a Group or Exhibitors Class went to Robert and Katherine Bisson's Japanese Spitz, Leymun Kami Tako; The Olga Carson Trophy for Best Locally Bred Brace, owned and exhibited by Breeder was won by the Irish Setters, brother and sister, Tiroen Taylormade and Tiroen Tickled Pink owned and bred by Ro and Nigel Cox, they also won the Team Class with their Grandmother, Sametsuz Mak’n Waves at Tiroen; Brood Bitch went to Fiona Officer’s Whippet, Daleko Adventuer and Stuart and Pamela Mottershaw’s Whippet Barnesmore Let it Be for Elangeni won Stud Dog. The P.A.T. Dog Stakes was won by Stuart and Pamela Mottershaw's Afghan Hound, Lux & Ger Ch Jacosta Black in a Flash (IMP) with Ro and Nigel Cox’s Irish Setter Tiroen Taylormade 2nd and Margaret Bayes’s Boxer, Docrema Millionaire 3rd. Mr Bob Brampton then judged the Special Vintage Class which went to Sarah Girard’s Bearded Collie, Catsun William Tell and Adrian, Russell and Christine Marett’s Cesky Terrier, Lastarean Kral of Zidout won the Piggy Bank Stakes.

See you all in time for the next one.


This was my third trip to the Channel Islands but my first to Jersey and I was not disappointed, the Island was wonderful, the people very warm and friendly, the hospitality first class, brilliant venue and a lot of high quality dogs, and added to that, from the moment we arrived to the moment we left, we had our own guide and driver, the one and only Mr Brian “Schumacher” Cummins, The President. I must also mention the other two Judges, Mr David Cavill and Mr Sean Knight, the company of whom I very much enjoyed.

My Best of Breeds and Group placings are as follows:

Pekingese - Dale & Michels’ Ksarina Designers Dream, a nice all round dog of nice type, solid body and very sound and good bone, nice head, coat was in beautiful condition.

Pomeranian - Alsford’s Thelbern Diamon Lil, this is one of the most outstanding puppies that I have ever seen, it has everything, type, style, excellent head, eye & mouth - outstanding coat and the most perfect movement back and front, this is without a doubt a future champion, one I shall watch with interest, I wish she was mine! Bets Puppy - BOB - Puppy Group - BPIS.
Jap Chins - Curwoods, Gramaes Little Rascal.

Bichons - Officer’s Honeyvale Neige Emiette. Good type with the correct shape of head, nice eye and mouth, coat condition and pigmentation was very good and very sound moving.
Chihuahua L/C - Carre’s Teocali Beyon Obsession.

Cav.K.C.S. - Goguelin's Ashtelle Corbeirre, nice all round dog with good movement both ends and excellent presentation.

Yorkshire Terrier - Windsor’s Davonne’s Destiny, very pleasant head, good, expression, mouth good, nice neck into correct shoulders and nice level topline on the stand and on the move very well presented. BOB - Toy Group.


English Setters - Ashplants’ Bournehouse Paper Moon at Vicart, very much to breed size and type, lovely correct head with nice eye and mouth, good reach of neck onto a good level topline with solid body and coat, moved with style and grace.

Cocker Spaniel - Kezouree’s Robraine Sayeeda of Belcroute, excellent presentation and condition, well balanced and compact, square and well developed body and true movement.

Weimaraners - Creber’s Oakmoreton Ptarmigan, very much to the breed standard, very well balanced with a v.g. head and mouth, movement was excellent, I would have liked more body, nevertheless a lovely exhibit.

Goldens - Philippe’s Katesclan Miss Adventure, needs to have more showmanship in the ring, also was moving a little close behind, she has a very nice strong jaw with good dentition nice neck and a short coupled solid body, in good condition.

English Springer - Ozanne’s Trimere True Style at Lyntonridge, correct size, nice length or neck strong compact body, deep chest, strong bone, movement could be a little better.

Labradors - Battrick’s Jancerie Gigi, another youngster with a good future, strong head with correct mouth and eye, strong neck into good shoulders, deep chest, well sprung ribs and level topline, very free moving, in good condition.

Pointers - Turner’s Clamerkin Come Closer to Chakona, lots to like about this lady, but the movement could be better both ends, her head is very nice with a good mouth, nice long neck and strong body with well sprung ribs, condition was lovely and was very well handled.

American Cockers - Houghton & Le Gresley’s Feilgar Majestic Quest, this dog was my gundog of the day, beautiful head, strong bone, nice solid compact body, moved with style and elegance, coat presentation first class, beautifully handled to bring out all his best qualities. BOB Gundog Group.

Irish Setters - Cox’s Tiroen Taylormade, a well balanced dog, free flowing movement with strong drive, elegant reach of neck, deep chest straight topline on well made body with good well sprung ribs, very good feet, condition first class.

Photo by John D Jackson
Best Puppy in show was Mrs T Alsford's Pomeranian Thelbern Diamond Lil seen here with the judge David Cavill and President of the Kennel Club of Jersey Brian Cummins

Photo by John D Jackson
Reserve Best in Show was Dr M Bayes' Boxer Docrema Millionaire