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Lost GSDs bring more heartache

THE DISAPPEARANCE of two white GSDs from their home in Barnsley, Yorks, has meant double tragedy for their owners.

Andrew Parnham and his mum had barely recovered from losing his father suddenly and unexpectedly in April, when their beloved dogs went missing in May.

Andrew’s is a white 17 month old GSD with a blue collar and his mum’s is an 8 month old mainly black with a rolled leather collar. The white dog has a small scar on his nose, The black one has a birth mark at the top of his tounge which can be seen when he yawns. he is mainly black with tanned legs and brindle on his head.

Andrew is offering his life savings of £1000 as a reward to anyone who can help the family locate their two dogs.

If you can help please telephone 01226 781071.