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Newbury hopes Lady Luck will shine on three ace pairs!

Bea and Cinders

The staff at Dogs Trust Newbury are desperate to find three new loving homes for three pairs of dogs that have come to the Rehoming Centre in Hamstead Marshall recently through no fault of their own.

Each pair was brought to the Rehoming Centre when their owners' circumstances changed and they could no longer look after their loving canine companions. Each couple needs to be rehomed together, but finding suitable new owners for just one pair can often take a long time, so the charity is putting out an extra-special appeal for three perfect loving new homes.

Poppy and Marlie are two female West Highland Terriers; Poppy (pictured far left) is three years old and Marlie (pictured near left) is six. They are gorgeous little girls who are friendly and loving, and they ideally would like to find a new home with an active retired couple.

Brunel and Temeraire are both three year old male Labradors (Temeraire is the blonde pictured near left, and Brunel is the brunette pictured far left) who are big, boisterous, and beautiful! They are loving, intelligent, energetic boys who ideally seek a very active country home. 

Bea, a very small terrier, and Cinders, a small black crossbreed, are a pair of nine year old girls seeking a home together. Bea (pictured near left) is a confident, outgoing little girl, while Cinders (pictured far left) is a bit shy but always has a smile to share.  Both are friendly and affectionate and seek a quiet home to call their own.

Maureen Iggleden, Dogs Trust Newbury Rehoming Centre Manager, comments:

“We do get pairs of dogs come to us from time to time but for three sets to come to us in one week is pretty rare. At Dogs Trust we never put a healthy dog to sleep, so although we’ll give each couple as much love and attention as possible while they stay with us, it’s not the same as having their own home. They are all gorgeous dogs who are looking for new homes through no fault of their own and they really do have so much love to give. If you think your home needs two new loving family members then please do give us a call!

Dogs Trust is the UK’s largest dog welfare charity with 16 Rehoming Centres across the UK, caring for over 13,500 dogs every year. To find out more about Poppy, Marlie, Brunel, Temeraire, Bea and Cinders; or any of the dogs at Dogs Trust Newbury please call the Rehoming Centre directly on 01488 658391.