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Take off for Poppy..!

A MANCHESTER couple waiting for their plane to take flight were astounded when they looked out of the aircraft window and saw their dog on the runway.

Terry and Susan Smith, who were flying from Manchester to their new home in Lanzarote, had seen their spaniel, Poppy, being taken to the hold of plane.

Passengers were delayed for 15 minutes before the plane was cleared to take off after runway vehicles were marshalled to catch the runaway. Poppy is believed to have bitten her way to freedom after being put into the hold with the Smiths' collie.

Mr Smith said: "We couldn't believe our eyes. We obviously had to get off the plane and it took us 10 minutes to catch her. She was terrified by all the noise and would not let anyone get near her.

"We ended up having to re-book a flight, but we're just glad she is safe. I don't know what would have happened if we hadn't caught her."