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'Abandoned' dogs outrage

ANGRY RESIDENTS threatened to smash down the door of a house in Rotherham, South Yorkshire after they claimed five dogs had been abandoned there for a week.

The dogs - including two Rottweilers - were left locked up in the house in Maltby without food or exercise after their owner suddenly left. Neighbours who peered through the windows claim the animals were lying in their own mess and urine - and could be smelled in the street.

The dogs were finally released and taken away by the RSPCA after the landlord agreed the house could be broken into. But some residents had threatened to break in themselves after they claimed not enough was being done to help the dogs.

Neighbour Doreen Robinson said: ‘The woman hadn't been here long but disappeared last Wednesday. Since then the dogs haven't been out of the house. The landlord was very sympathetic, but couldn't unlock the door because the tenant had apparently changed the locks.

‘When we looked through the window we could see the dogs were in a terrible state. They were covered in their own filth and you could even smell them outside the house. They looked really thin.’

A RSPCA spokeswoman said: ‘We have to go through a process if we are told that dogs might have been abandoned. We put a seal on the door to see if anyone is going in to feed them and if not then we have to seek an order from the court to break in.''

Rotherham Council's dog warden and environmental health officers were made aware of the dog's plight but allegedly said the matter was not their responsibility, as it was being dealt with by the RSPCA.