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Governor Arnie endorses ‘beer’ for dogs

THE GOVERNOR of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger recently visited the wine making district of Napa Valley, where upon shopping for some local produce to take home, found himself buying a bottle of beef flavoured beer, manufactured specially for dogs.

The company which produces the beer, called ‘Happy Tail Ale’, claim that the discovery of dogs enjoying a tipple came about by accident. Jamie Miller started brewing dog-friendly beer for her Akita on her kitchen stove after she saw how much Kodi enjoyed real beer.

Dogs are unable to metabolise alcohol, and the company are keen to stress that dogs should not be given real beer. But the non-alcoholic, beef flavoured beer is selling extremely well locally, and the company plans to expand nationally.

The beer currently retails at $8.99 (approx. £4.00) for a six-pack. So if you’re on holiday in California this summer, you know what would make a great present to bring back for your dog.

It is believed that the Governor Schwarzenegger intended to give the beef flavoured beer to his own pet dogs. If they like it, Arnie is sure to say to the manufacturers: ‘I’ll be back’.