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‘Dangerous’ dog branded a hero

A GERMAN Shepherd Dog living under the threat of a destruction order has saved his owner from a diabetic coma.

Ben, who has to be muzzled and fenced in after biting a neighbour earlier this year turned into a hero as his owner lay unconscious.

Sue Grimes’ husband Kenneth says he was asleep in the early hours of May 30, when he woke to four-year-old Ben barking and tugging at the duvet with his teeth.

The dog returned to Sue and licked her face as Kenneth gave her a glucose drink and she regained consciousness.

"I remember coming round in the bathroom and Ben was licking my face" said Sue. "Last time I went into a diabetic coma I suffered a mini stroke I don't like to think what would have happened if Ben hadn't woken Kenneth up I could have died. He saved my life."

The couple who live in Wimborne Wimborne were devastated last year when Ben attacked a neighbour. The local Council's dog warden suggested the dog should be castrated and magistrates ordered it must be muzzled.

They also ordered Mr and Mrs Grimes to erect a six-foot fence around their property to keep their dog in and warned Ben could face destruction if further complaints are made.

This week Sue believes he has redeemed himself!