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Deaf Beesley needs you!
Dogs Trust looking for an experienced dog owner for Beesley


Beesley, an 18 week old Jack Russell puppy has recently arrived at Dogs Trust West London Rehoming Centre and staff at the centre are desperately looking for the right home for him.

When Beesley’s original owners realised he was deaf after buying him from a breeder, they wanted to return him but were told he may have to be put to sleep if another owner could not be found. The couple contacted Dogs Trust, which never puts a healthy dog to sleep, and the adorable puppy was transferred to Dogs Trust’s new West London Rehoming Centre.

Beesley is a lovely puppy, with a cheeky character and his deafness is no deterrent to his enjoyment of life. Ideally he needs a home with a person who has owned Jack Russells before and who has older children. He gets on well with other dogs, but probably needs to be placed with a confident canine friend.

Anyone interested in rehoming Beesley shouldn’t let his deafness be a problem, as sometimes the benefits of rehoming a deaf dog far outweigh any inconvenience caused.

Richard Moore, Dogs Trust West London Rehoming Centre manager comments:

"It’s important with a dog who is deaf; that you start training with hand signals as soon as possible and Beesley has already begun this. Often it can be easier to train a deaf dog as they are less easily distracted in class than hearing dogs. In addition, deaf dogs tend to be quite calm as they are less stressed by noise, they also don’t bark when the doorbell rings and often have no problems with sleeping.

Beesley is a lovely dog, who is just looking for a supportive and understanding new owner. In return he is likely to shower his new owner with plenty of love and devotion."

For anyone interested in rehoming Beesley, please contact the West London Rehoming Centre on 0845 076 3647. The centre will be open Tuesday to Friday from 12pm until 4pm, Saturday and Sunday from 11am until 4pm and will be closed on Mondays when the centre will be closed for staff training.