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London & Provincial Pekingese Club 2007 champ show granted

The LONDON & Provincial Pekingese Club’s 2007 Championship Show has was the subject of a recent KC hearing after trouble within the Club in the last few months.

At its meeting, the Kennel Club agreed that the 2007 Championship Show should be permitted to proceed only on there being a favourable Field Officer report of the September 2006 Open Show and that a Field Officer should attend the 2007 Championship Show.

It also asked that the Club submit a list of show personnel with the duties allocated to them, and that any changes to this list must be reported in writing.

The L&PP Club was warned that should there be any further valid reports of disharmony, show licences may be revoked and the Club’s registered status may be further reviewed.

The Club was again advised strongly that it should work towards the separation of the roles of secretary and treasurer, and the separation of these roles within households, with the utmost urgency.