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Puppies boiled and left for dead

A MAN is being hunted by police following a shocking case of animal cruelty. Wesley Lloyd Bryan was found guilty of neglect after two puppies in his care were discovered with horrendous injuries.

The puppies were subjected to serious burns from scalding water and left for dead whilst their owners apparently listened to their pained cries.

The six-month-old crossbreeds named Mhia and Cassidy endured a terrifying four days of miserable cruelty before being rescued by the RSPCA.

Mhia's left leg was broken and her skin was infected to such a degree that she lost 15 per cent of it. The RSPCA officials investigating the case believe that the skin will never grow back.

RSPCA officers, acting on a tip off from a concerned neighbour swooped on the home of Carolyne Middleton, 23, sister Carla, 18, and Wesley Lloyd Bryan, 23 in Moston, Manchester.

All three were found guilty by magistrates of neglect and banned from keeping animals for 10 years.

Bryan failed to turn up for sentencing and is being sought by police.

RSPCA inspector Catherine Byrnes: ‘It was heart-rending to see these two in such pain. It brought tears to the eyes. The thing is they're such loving animals. We saved them from a very dark place.’

The dogs have now been rehomed and Inspector Byrnes added: ‘It’s a joy to see them running around again.’

If anyone has information pertaining to the whereabouts of Wesley Lloyd Bryan, please call the RSPCA on 0870 333 5999.