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Retired greyhound chums reunite in Borders

Greyhound Alice with her owner Eddie Schmid. Eddie and wife Kim live in Berwick

A delightful group of retired greyhounds, all rehomed by the Borders branch of national charity, the Retired Greyhound Trust (RGT), gathered together at the charity’s kennels in Eyemouth for a reunion walk.

Sonia Graham, who heads up the Borders RGT and rehomes greyhounds across the whole county, says she was delighted by the high turnout. "It was wonderful to see so many of the great families who have adopted greyhounds from my kennels all together in the one place. The dogs had a great time too – reuniting with some of their kennel mates from their racing days and no doubt exchanging stories on what it’s like to settle into a home."

The RGT has 60 branches around the UK, including the Borders branch in Eyemouth, and has an army of volunteers working hard to find homes for ex-racing greyhounds. The charity is dedicated to showing people that greyhounds, with their gentle, chilled-out personalities, make great pets for young and old alike.

At the moment Sonia is taking care of 25 greyhounds who would all love to find a new home this year. Among these is the very laid-back Jack, aged five and the more lively Topper, aged three.

Sonia has a group of volunteers helping her to conduct ‘home checks’ for people interested in adopting greyhounds, and taking the greyhounds out on daily walks. "But there is always room for more," says Sonia, "and I would be pleased to hear from anyone interested in helping us out."

Sonia points out that walking greyhounds is the perfect activity for people who like the sound of the breed, but are unable to adopt a greyhound themselves. "It’s also a great activity for all the family and doesn’t cost a penny!"

Anyone interested in finding out more about greyhounds as pets, or volunteering at the Borders RGT, should call Sonia Graham on 07967 057759 or log on to