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Sacked sniffer dog seeks new position

CHASING CRIMINALS demands a clear head, dedication, concentration and nerves of steel. Wannabe canine crime fighters distracted by passing rabbits, birds or squeaky toys need not apply.

Which is exactly why ex-police sniffer dog Jack found himself sacked from no less than three different jobs. Jack is now seeking a new position as a family pet.

As a puppy, experts believed Jack had a glittering career ahead, and he was quickly snapped up by Bullingdon Prison, near Bicester, Oxon. However, while sniffing prison visitors arriving at the jail, it soon became clear that Jack was more interested in chasing birds than banned substances.

He then went on to West Midlands Police, where officers soon realised he was not up to the job. And a few months later, Surrey Police also reached the same conclusion.

Now three-year-old Jack, an English Pointer, is living at Ardley Rescue Kennels, near Bicester, where staff are desperate to find him a new home.

Annabelle Pottle, who works at the kennels, said: "He's supposed to be a drugs sniffer dog and all he wants to do is chase birds. He chased pigeons and not the heroin addicts, so he was sacked. At Bullingdon he had to search vehicles and visitors but as soon as he goes outside he's obsessed with looking for pigeons and rabbits."

Annabelle said Jack had not forgotten his training and would need a very patient new owner.
She said: "It's got to be someone quite understanding, as he still searches. When he walks into a house he's going to search it a few times. We are trying to find him a home where there are no small animals like rabbits or birds, or even small dogs, because he will chase them. But he's really good with people and bigger dogs. He's a very active dog but he's lovely, really affectionate."

* To find out more and maybe offer Jack a new position as a family pet, call the kennels on 01869 346307.