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‘Sat Nav’ dogs hunt killer bear

TRACKER DOGS fitted with the latest satellite tracking (Sat Nav) technology have been drafted in to hunt down a killer bear on the loose in Germany.

The animal – a brown bear - is the first of its kind to roam free in Germany for over 170 years. The bear, which has been called Bruno or JJ1 by the authorities, has killed over 20 sheep in the Bavarian Alps. The bear has evaded professional hunters so now the authorities in the southern state of Bavaria, using a team of Finnish hunting dogs, have been trying for days to capture the bear alive.

A previous order to trap the bear and shoot it sparked an outcry from animal-rights activists.
The dogs that have been brought in to track the bear are specially trained Huskies and come from Finland. Their collars have been fitted with Global Positioning Devices (GPS) so that their trackers can pin down their location at any time.