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The People versus Larry Flynt’s Dog...

LARRY FLYNT, the flamboyant publishing mogul is facing a court case in the USA after a neighbour alleged his dog attacked her whilst she was jogging near his Californian home.

Flynt, founder of Hustler magazine is being sued in Los Angeles by Cynthia Tribull who says she was attacked by Flynt's Schnauzer as she was jogged by his house two years ago.

Tribull alleges that the "vicious" attack saw her sustain injuries "as well as severe shock, fright, humiliation and emotional distress."

She is claiming that dog was running loose and attacked her for no apparent reason in June 2004, although why Tribull has left it two years to pursue her legal claim is unknown, although it is believed that she has received short shrift from Flynt in pursuit of her medical expenses and compensation.

The claim is for unspecified damages as well as payment of medical expenses.