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Whippet Club Racing Association Straight Championships

The second Championships of the season took place at the Cricket Club, Morton In Marsh on Sunday 4 June 2006 writes Carolyne Rabbitt.

The weather turned out to be really nice in the afternoon and it seemed to encourage the spectators to come along and watch.

There were 160 dogs taking part in this event, they ran on a straight track of 150 yards in 14 different weight groups. The dogs had to run 3 – 4 races to reach a final. There were four dogs made up to Champions at this event namely Talk to The Devil, Run At Mill, Diamond Geezer and Big Ron (pictured). To become a champion the dogs need to win two Championship finals.

Well done to Jane Rankin, a local Gloucester Club member from Tewkesbury, who is the owner of Talk to The Devil.

Our next Championships will be held on Sunday 6 August 2006 again at Morton In Marsh and we would like to thank the local residents for their kind hospitality.