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Michael Boothroyd (Roydwood)

Funeral Arrangements: 14th March, 13.00pm
Huddersfield Crematorium, off the Leeds Road into Huddersfield.

IT IS with much sadness we must report the death of our dear friend Michael on February 28 2006.

Sadly, Michael died from encephalitis following an illness of some two weeks’ duration; he collapsed on Sunday February 26 and was rushed to hospital but never regained consciousness and the dreaded decision to turn off the life support machine was made on Tuesday 28 February.

Michael’s life was pedigree dogs and he was interested in all breeds. He started showing as a young teenager with Rough Collies but was well-acquainted with many of the famous kennels that were extant in the West Yorks area at that time. Consequently it was not unusual for him to be showing different breeds at local sanction, limit and open shows probably two or three times a week, always travelling by train as he did not drive until later.

He won CCs showing other people’s dogs in Irish Setters, Shih Tzu, Cardigan Corgis and other breeds. His first main winners were Springers, then Cockers, and his friendship with the Wilkinsons of the famous Keithray Kennels brought him his lasting love of Labradors in which he made several Sh Chs of his own breeding. Travelling to the shows with the well known Holmvallee Pekes he was well versed in the toy breeds and he bred Pekes, Griffons, and the Roydwood Cavaliers which are well known, particularly stateside.

His judging career started at small shows which had big entries in those days, the 1960s, so a good grounding in all breeds was obtained early on.

He judged to CC standard in all groups and in recent years graduated to group judging.
We are glad to say he always had an opinion of his own. He was especially annoyed, as he put it, with judges changing the standard to suit the dog, instead of breeding and showing to the standard, with the American way of showing dogs creeping into the British system.

He was fearless when judging, and was very pleased when many young dogs he put up eventually made it to the top.

Dogdom will miss his judging and his friendly nature, and he was always helpful to rescue societies.

The funeral will take place at 1pm on Tuesday March 14 at the Huddersfield Crematorium, Fixby Road, Huddersfield HD2 2JF.

We and all our family will miss his company and true friendship. One consolation is that he died on the anniversary of the death of his friend and mentor Gwen Broadley, so they can now discuss Labradors and other breeds all day long again!

God rest you, Michael.
Pam and Brian Drake (Warrenhouse Corgis)