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British Rottweiler Sports Dog Club launched

A Rottweiler tracking at a recent training day

Finally, it’s here, the British Rottweiler Sports Dog Club. The first step to ensure the working side of this magnificent breed is rekindled and remains in the UK Rottweiler, under the `Sports Dog` heading writes Karen Harvey.

The aims of this new Club are to provide members with breed support and training facilities with a structure to allow Basic Breed Test like the Begleithund (BH-traffic dog) which is a test of obedience and sociability, and the Breed Suitability Test or ZTP. The more advanced titles like the IPO’s, Trials, Obedience and Mental Tests are also included.

All these titles are highly prized awards in Europe and especially in their country of origin, Germany. This Club will also be the core for help and assistance in training for these types of events. It will help to set up training sessions in all areas of the country and hopefully to finally have regular individual clubs for weekly training sessions with experienced trainers.

It will also provide support for those members of the Club who would like to compete at trials and other recognised events, at International level.

The first BRSDC-arranged event is a BH training day to be held on 25th March at the BSA (British Schutzhund Assoc.) training ground at White Rose (Close to junction 25 of M62). Cost £10 per head, afterwards adjourn to nearby pub for a social get together.

The British Rottweiler Sports Dog Club will welcome all who have an interest in the Rottweiler in the UK, Europe and Worldwide. From BBT to IPO, there is ample room for any Rottweiler owner to compete at any level and feel a sense of achievement in contributing to the future of this versatile breed in the UK. If you would like to join the Club or have any questions please contact the Club Secretary John Becker on 01473 635398 or email: