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Crufts Best in show winners

The 2004 BIS winner was Mrs L Yacoby-Wright’s Whippet Ch Cobyco Call The Tune,
RBIS Miss Jane Miller’s Scottish Terrier Ch Raglan Rose Maiden at Brio

A comprehensive study detailing best in shows, reserves, number of entries and the judges.

Before 1928 there were no awards for best in show; since that time the following dogs have gained this award.

1928 (9,466 entries): Greyhound PRIMLEY SCEPTRE. Mr T. Moorby’s Pointer STAINTON SPECIAL QUALITY. Theo Marples, Major Harding Cox, Will Hally.

1929 (9,682): Robets Chapman’s Scottish Terrier HEATHER NECESSITY. No reserve award. Theo Marples, Major Harding Cox, F. Calvert Butler.

1930 (9,565): H.S. Lloyd’s Cocker Spanier LUCKYSTAR OF WARE. Robert Chapmans Scottish Terrier HEATHER NECESSITY. Mrs H. Fraser, F. Calvert Butler, Theo Marples, A. Croxton Smith, Major Harding Cox.

1931 (9,389): H.S. Lloyd’s Cocker Spaniel LUCKYSTAR OF WARE. Major Harding Cox, Theo Marples, A. Croxton Smith, Walter S. Glynn.

1932 (9,216): Lorna, Countess Howe’s Labrador Retriever BRAMSHAW BOB. Miss B.A. Toft’s Kerry Blue Terrier ANOTHER PRINCE OF THE CHEVIN. Major Harding Cox, A. Croxton Smith, Walter S. Glynn.

1933 (8,564): Lorna, Countess Howe’s Labrador Retriever BRAMSHAW BOB. Major Harding Cox, W.S. Glynn, A. Croxton Smith.

1934 (9,363): B. Hartland Worden’s Greyhound SOUTHALL MOONSTONE. H.S. Lloyd’s Cocker Spaniel WHOOPEE OF WARE. Lorna, Countess Howe, Major Harding Cox, A. Croxton Smith.

1935 (9,130): A. Eggleton’s Pointer PENNINE PRIMA DONNA. Mrs. V.A.M. Mannooch’s Chow Chow CH CHOONAM HUNG KWONG. Major Harding Cox, A. Croxton Smith, Major P.C.G. Hayward.

1936 (10,650): Mrs. V.A.M. Mannooch’s Chow Chow CH CHOONAM HUNG KWONG. H.S. Lloyd’s Cocker Spaniel SILVER TEMPLA OF WARE. Major Harding Coc, A. Croxton Smith, F. Calvert Butler.

1937 (9,949): Lorna Countess Howe’s Labrador Retriever CH CHEVERELL’S BEN OF BANCHORY. Mrs Powys Lybbe’s Elkhound KREN OF THE HOLLOW Major Harding Cox, A. Croxton Smith, Chris Houlkner.

1938 (9,109): H.S. Lloyd’s Cocker Spaniel EXQUISITE MODEL OF WARE. Mr J.V. Rank’s Great Dane CH RULER OF OUBOROUGH. Major P.C.G. Hayward, A. Croxton Smith, Chris Houlkner.

1939 (8,839): H.S. Lloyd’s Cocker Spaniel EXQUISITE MODEL OF WARE Mrs V.A.M. Mannooch’s Chow Chow CH CHOONAM HUNG KWONG Lorna Countess Howe, A. Croxton Smith, Chris Houlkner.

1948 (9,412): H.S. Lloyd’s Cocker Spaniel TRACY WITCH OF WARE Ernie Sharpe’s Wire Fox Terrier DRAKEHALL DAIRYMAID Mrs May Pacey, A. Croxton Smith.

1949 No Show

1950 (12,319): H.S. Lloyd’s Cocker Spaniel TRACY WITCH OF WARE. Mrs L.H.C. Coventon’s Miniature Poodle CH ADASTRA MAGIC BEAU Leo Wilson, A. Croxton Smith

1951 (11,265): Capt. & Mrs I.M. Thomas’ Welsh Terrier TWYNSTAR DYMA-FI. H.E. Johnson’s Alsatian. EDANA OF COMBEHILL. Mrs Winnie Barber, A. Croxton Smith.

1952 (12,448): J.T. Barnard’s Bulldog CH NOWAYS CHUCKLES Miss Jarry’s English Setter RIPLEYGATE TOPNOTE T. Roger Boulton, A. Croxton Smith

1953 (12,033): Bill Sigger’s Great Dane CH ELCH EDLER OF OUBOROUGH Mrs I.M. Abson’s Afghan Hound CH NETHEROYD ALIBABA Lord Northesk, Mrs Winnie Barber

1954 No Show

1955 (11,869): Mrs A. Proctor’s Standard Poodle CH TZIGANE AGGRI OF NASHEND Mrs L.K. Moore’s Pembroke Welsh Corgi CH KAYTOP MARACAS MIST Air Com. Cecil Wright, T. Roger Boulton

1956 (12,328): Mrs Judy de Casembroot and Miss Bobby Greenish’s Greyhound TREETOPS GOLDEN FALCON P.H. Copley’s Wire Fox Terrier CH CARADOCHOUSE SPRUCE Mrs May Pacey, Mrs Winnie Barber

1957 (12,676): Mrs I.M. Tucker’s Keeshond CH VOLKRIJK OF VORDEN Mrs J. English’s English Setter CH SHIPLAKE DEAN OF CROMBIE The Earl of Northesk, T. Roger Boulton.

1958 (13,085): Mesdames M.M. Thomas and D.M. Leach’s Welsh Terrier CH SANDSTORM SARACEN Mr and Mrs Grant Cairn’s Labrador Retriever CH RULER OF BLAIRCOURT The Earl of Northesk, Col Richard Glyn.

1960 (14,297): Mrs Florence Nagle and Miss M. Clark’s Irish Wolfhound SULHAMSTED MERMAN Mrs Gladys Dyke’s Pomeranian PIXIETOWN SERENADE OF HADLEIGH Bert Lloyd, Fred Cross

1961 (15,721): Miss P. McCaughey and Mrs D. Schuth’s Airedale terrier CH RIVERINA TWEEDSBAIRN Mrs William’s English Setter SILBURY SOAMES OF MADAVALE Mrs Winnie Barber, Joe Braddon

1962 (14,317): H.L. Gill’s Wire Fox Terrier CH CRACKWYN COCKSPUR A.W. Collin’s Cocker Spaniel COLINSWOOD BLACK EAGLE Mrs May Pacey, Vernon Hirst.

1963 (15,205); William Roger’s Lakeland Terrier CH ROGERHOLM RECRUIT Mrs. A. William’s English Setter SH CH SILBURY SOAMES OF MADAVALE Air Com Cecil Wright, Col Sir Richard Glyn

1964 (16,022): Mrs A. Williams’ English Setter SH CH SILBURY SOAMES OF MADAVALE Mrs Hope Waters Saluki CH BURYDOWN FREYHA. Mrs Winnie Barber, Stephen Young.

1965 (15,561): Miss Sonnica Godden’s Alsatian CH FENTON OF KENWOOD, Mrs P. Harris and Leonard Pagliero’s Beagle CH FORRARDON APPELINE BEESWING Air Com Cecil Wright Col Sir Richard Glyn

1966 (14,913): Mrs C.E. Perry’s Toy Poodle OAKINGTON PUCKSHILL AMBER SUNBLUSH. W. Baxter’s Pointer SH CH BLAKESHAY AVANT TONT. Bill Siggers, Fred Cross.

1967 (12,320): Mr and Mrs W. Postlethwaite’s Lakeland Terrier CH STINGRAY OF DERRYBAH. Mrs S. Fraser’s Standard Poodle INT CH BIBELOT’S TALL DARK AND HANDSOME. Viscount Chelmsford, Frank Warner Hill

1968 (12,541): Mrs E.J. Woodyatt’s Dalmatian CH FANHILL FAUNE Mr and Mrs Prince’s Pyrenean Mountain Dog CH BERGERIE DIABLE. Mrs Josephine Creasey, Albert Fullwood.

1969 (13,686): Mr and Mrs E.J. White’s Alsatian CH HENDRAWEN’S NIBELUNG OF CHARVIGNE. Miss J. MacMillan’s Cocker Spaniel SH CH LOCHRANZA STROLLAWAY. Maurice C.W. Gilliat , David Roche.

1970 (14,425): Mr and Mrs F.S. Prince’s Pyrenean Mountain Dog BERGERIE KNUR. Mrs J. Caddy’s Cocker Spaniel CH OUAINE CHIEFTAIN. Stanley Dangerfield

1971 (13,726): Prince Ahmed Husain’s Alsatian CH RAMACON SWASHBUCKLER. Thelma Gray’s Longcoat Chihuahua CH ROZAVEL TARINA SONG. Air Com. Cecil Wright.

1972 (10,065): Miss Violet Drummond-Dick’s Bull Terrier CH ABRAXAS AUDACITY. Mrs A.R. Knight’s Whippet CH DONDELAY DUETTE. Arthur Westlake

1973 (11,203): Messrs Hall and Evans Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ALANSMERE AQUARIUS. Mrs Hilda Parkinson’s Pointer SH CH DAVIAM TITUS LARTIUS. Owen Grindey.

1974 (11,824): Miss M. Hinde’s St. Bernard CH BURTONSWOOD BOSSY BOOTS. Mr and Mrs Brian Lister’s Yorkshire Terrier CH BLAIRSVILLE MOST ROYALE. Mrs Judy de Casembroot.

1975 (11,860): Messrs Benelli and Dondina’s Wire Fox Terrier CH BROOKSWIRE BRANDY OF LAYVEN. Mr D. Shaw’s Bulldog CH BEECHLYN GOLDEN NUGGET OF DENBROUGH. Mrs Thelma Gray.

1976 (13,354): Mrs K. Newstead’s West Highland White Terrier CH DIANTHUS BUTTONS. Mrs D. Clarke’s Maltrese CH MAYTHEAS DELILA. Joe Braddon

1977 (12,329): Mr G. William’s English Setter BOURNEHOUSE DANCING MASTER. Mrs Lisa Attwood Parker’s Kerry Blue Terrier CH BINATE PLANTAGENET. Mrs Catherine Sutton.

1978 (13,165): Miss E. Howle’s Wire Fox Terrier CH HARROWHILL HUNTSMAN. Mr and Mrs Brian Lister’s Yorkshire Terrier CH BLAIRSVILLE ROYAL SEAL. Mrs Gwen Broadley

1979 (10,619): Mrs Wendy Streatfield’s Kerry Blue Terrier ENG & AM CH CALLAGHAN OF LEANDER. Mrs C. Murray’s Smoothcoat Chihuahua CH BELMURIZ BREVIER. L.C. James.

1980 (11,914): Miss Pat Chapman’s Flatcoat Retriever CH SHARGLEAM BLACKCAP. Mr and Mrs F. Morley’s Miniature Schnauzer CH CASTILLA LINAJUDO. Harry Glover

1981 (12,312): Miss C.H. and Mrs M. Tuite’s Irish Setter CH ASTLEY’S PORTIA OF RUA. Mrs H. Stanley’s Standard Poodle SABLECOMB WHITE POLAR AT LEANDER. Bobby James.

1982 (12,090): Mrs Lesley Howard’s Toy Poodle CH GRAYCO HAZELNUT. Mrs S. Gardener’s German Shepherd Dog BELLISIMA OF DANALA. Reg Gadsden.

1983 (10,981): Mrs Pauline Gibb’s Afghan Hound CH MONTRAVIA KASKARAK HITARI. Mrs B. Levick’s Irish Setter CORRIECAS FAGAN. Bill Parkinson.

1984 (12,215): Mrs Jean Blyth’s Lhasa Apso CH SAXONSPRINGS HACKENSACK. Mrs Averil Cawthera’s Pomeranian CH LIREVA’S SHOOTING STAR. Mrs Mollie Garrish.

1985 (13,075): Miss Marita Gibb’s Standard Poodle CH MONTRAVIA TOMMY GUN. Mrs J. Mitchell’s Pekingese CH MICKLEE ROC’S RU-AGO. Dr Harold Spira.

1986 (13,826): Mrs A. Liveraghi’s Airedale Terrier CH GINGER XMAS CAROL. Messrs Bruton & McHale’s Bulldog CH TYEGARTH JACOB OF KELLOE. Mrs Ena Bassett.

1987 (17,059): Mr and Mrs Chris Amoo’s Afghan Hound CH VISCOUNT GRANT. Mrs E. Baxter’s Wire Fox Terrier CH KILLICK OF THE MESS. Bill Pinches.

1988 (18,222): Mrs V. Watkin’s English Setter SH CH STARLITE EXPRESS OF VALSETT Messrs Macpherson and Hutchinson’s Border Terrier CH BRANNIGAN OF BRUMBERHILL. Gp Capt A.G. Sutton.

1989 (16,015): Mrs B. White’s Bearded Collie CH POTTERDALE CLASSIS OF MOONHILL. Messrs Easdon and Martin’s Pekingese CH YAKEE FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. Mr L.G. Hamilton Renwick.

1990 (16,315): Mr. D. Tattersall’s W.H.W.T. CH OLAC MOONPILOT. Miss E. Newton’s Whippet CH NUTSHELL OF NEVEDITH. Mrs F. Somerfield.

1991 (25,227): Mr R. Dunne’s Clumber Spaniel SH CH RAYCROFT SOCIALITE. Mrs Scovell’s Papillon CH CASWELL COPPER TIGER. Mr Leonard Pagliero.

1992 (21,350): Miss M. Bolton’s Whippet CH PENCLOE DUTCH GOLD. Mr M. Bottomley’s Am Cocker AM SH CH HOMESTEADS TIFFANY WITH BODUF. Mrs Ann Argyle.

1993 (21,229): Mrs J. Lorrimer’s Irish Setter SH CH DANAWAY DEBONAIR. Mrs Z. Thorn-Andrew’s Irish Wolfhound CH DRAKESLEAT ODYT. Mr Tom Horner.

1994 (21,200): Mrs A. Maughan’s Welsh Terrier CH PURSTON HIT AND MISS FROM BROCOLITIA. Mr and Mrs J. Richie’s Border Collie SH CH DYKEBAR FUTURE GLORY. Mr Ken Bullock

1995 (20,353): Miss Rachel Shaw’s Irish Setter Sh Ch STARCHELLE CHICAGO BEAR. Mrs B J Halliwell’s Welsh Terrier Ch LEADING LADY AT WIGMORE. Mr George Down.

1996 (21,423) Mrs Tricia Bentley’s Cocker Spaniel Sh Ch CANIGOU CAMBRAI. Miss G Coxall’s Airedale Terrier Ch JOKYL THIS IS MY SONG. Mr Harry Jordan.

1997 (20,469) Mr Osman Sameja’s Yorkshire Terrier Ch Ozmilion Mystification. Miss G Oake and Mr Mike Gadsby’s American Cocker Sh Ch Boduf Pistols at Dawn with Afterglow. Mr Terry Thorn.

1998 (20,692): Mrs Judy Averis and Mr David Scawthorn’s Welsh Terrier Ch. Saredon Forever Young. Mrs K. Bolan’s Chow Chow Towsushet’s the MiSstress. Mr Leslie Page.

1999 (21,503): Mrs Jackie Lorrimer’s Irish Setter SH CH Caspians Intrepid. Mr & Mrs D Killilea’s Japanese Akita Ch/Nor Ch R edwitch Dancin in the Dark. Mrs Liz Cartledge.

2000 (21,643): Mr Ron Ramsay’s Kerry Blue Terrier C h Torums Scarf Michael. Halkett’s Cocker Spaniel Sh Ch Wijana Water Fall. Mr Ellis Hulme.

2001 (21,554): Mr Paul Singleton’s Basenji C h. Jedhard Cidevant. Mrs Blance’s Pembroke Welsh Corgi Ch Penlaith Shooting Star. Mrs Ann Arch

2002 (22,243): Stein and Kari Glenna’s Standard Poodle NOR CH TOPSCORE CONTRADICTION. Messrs. Easdon and Martin’s Pekingese Ch Yakee A Dangerous LIAISON. Mrs Pamela Cross Stern.

2003 (22,428): Bert Easdon and Philip Martin’s Pekingese Ch Yakee A Dangerous Liaison . Ron Ramsay’s Kerry Blue Terrier Ch Torum’s Blue Bayou. Mr Albert Wight

2004 (21,622): Mrs L Yacoby-Wright’s Whippet Ch Cobyco Call The Tune. Miss Jane Miller’s Scottish Terrier Ch Raglan Rose Maiden at Brio. Mrs Margaret Everton

2005 (21,432): P, S & E Beale, Ingram & Matell’s Norfolk Terrier AM CH/CH