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Dalmatian of the Year is 10!

FOR THE tenth year in succession the North of England Dalmatian Club ran the now well-established event Dalmatian of the Year on January 14 at the Doncaster Moat House Hotel.

The event is run on match lines, each competitor has to qualify by winning a CC or Best Puppy during the 12 months prior to the event. Amongst Dalmatian exhibitors, winning an invitation to this event now stands above everything except making up a champion.

The highly knowledgeable audience of some 300 people seated in the ballroom are introduced first to the Puppies and the draw is announced. Following this the ring is cleared for the introduction of the mystery Judges; one allround, and two breed specialist. This year Wendy Toynton and John Stevenson joined Marion Spavin to form the judging team.

Judging commenced immediately starting with the first two puppies and progressed round by round until the MC Club Chairman Ernie Patterson declared the Judge’s choice for Dalmatian Puppy of the Year to be Hebe Aleatory in Holderness owned by Jo Roach and bred by Miss Cowen.

The Judges took a short break whilst the Dogs were introduced and the event proceeded as with the puppies until the declaration of the winning Dog was made: Buffrey Beau Bell at Daedalus owned by Janice and Denis Peterson and bred by Joe and Betty Neath.

The Bitches were next in the ring and were quickly whittled down to the final pair by the Judges, and the bitch finalist was adjudged to be Ch Dvojica Voodoo owned and bred by Mark Dunnachie.

Finally the winning Dog and Bitch came head to head in the challenge. The three Judges once again looked, examined and moved the two competitors and then made their choice: Dalmatian of the Year 2005 was the bitch Ch Dvojica Voodoo.

Prizes and cups were duly presented by the Club’s Patron Lord Kirkham, who also presented each competitor with commemorative medals.

Then everyone went to prepare for the evening’s celebration black tie dinner, the toast, as always, ‘The Dalmatian’.

This was followed by live entertainment which went on to the early hours of the morning.

Photo McCarthy
Mark Dunnachie with Dalmatian of the Year 2005 Ch Dvojica Voodoo

Photo McCarthy
Jo Roach with Dalmatian Puppy of the Year 2005 Hebe Aleatory in Holderness

Photo McCarthy
Judges Marion Spavin, John Stevenson and Wendy Toynton

Photo McCarthy
BOS Dalmatian of the Year Buffrey Beau Bell at Daedalus with Janice Peterson