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Sofa, so good…

DOG OWNER Jacky Jackson wanted to nothing more than to throw away her dog’s smelly and chewed sofa out when shifted into her brand new home in Buckie, Moray. Her partner, however, was having none of that, so he launched a worldwide campaign to save the dog’s bed - and won.

The online petition, started by Jacky’s partner Darren Spence, was signed by more than 100 objectors around the world, including Germany and Finland all of whom thought that it was essential for Levi the Rhodesian Ridgeback to have something familiar in the new place.

Darren said that though Jacky had wanted to throw away the six-year old sofa, which was now in tatters, she had been persuaded to change her mind after seeing that over that so many people had had signed the petition.

Restaurateur Mr Spence, 34, told BBC Scotland on Monday: "Levi is now settling in to his new home and has parked himself on his favourite sofa again - so he's happy, which is the main thing.
"It's a success for the dog, he needs a familiar place.

"Jacky thinks the sofa is smelly and chewed, it's about six years old and Levi took a shine to it. He also used it as a bed. The online petition response was thick and fast, it has had more than 100 supporters from all over the UK and Europe. It's amazing - and it also saves us buying Levi a new bed. Levi loves it."

Darren said his partner "took it on the chin" when she realised the petition had saved the sofa.
Jacky said of Levi's sofa: "It's an absolute mess."