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Text messages give dogs a ‘boost’

SMS text messaging has become the SOS of pet healthcare thanks to a new service available through veterinary practices. Vets can now text owners to remind them to bring their dog into the practice for a full health check up and ensure their booster vaccinations are up-to-date.

It is estimated that approximately half the country’s dog population aren’t protected from potentially fatal diseases such as canine parvovirus and canine distemper. With this in mind, animal health company Intervet UK, has launched an innovative text message service to help remind owners that their pets’ booster vaccinations are due.

Available via participating vet surgeries, owners will be sent text messages direct to their mobile phone to increase awareness of the need to keep pet booster vaccinations up-to-date in a bid to reduce the number of dogs contracting disease.

In addition to the text message initiative, Intervet is also launching a handy e-mail reminder service enabling e-mails to be sent direct to dog owners. The message will include a link to their vet’s website and will feature the practice’s contact details, further encouraging owners to make appointments to see their vet.

"This efficient new system, which will run alongside traditional postcards and letters, will make it much easier for vets to remind owners when their dogs are due for vaccination," comments Jac Bergman, product manager at Intervet, "This, in turn, will ensure that more owners vaccinate their pets which will help reduce the risk off disease spreading in the dog population."