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Pregnant bitch drowned

IN AN act of what appears to be deliberate cruelty, a pregnant black Labrador dog has been found drowned in a quarry near Canterbury with a heavy weight attached to her neck.

The horrific find was made by workers at Sturry Quarry in Fordwich Road, Canterbury, Kent on Thursday last week (March 2nd) and the RSPCA was called in.

RSPCA Inspector Charlotte Eyden arrived on the scene and found the dog with a choke chain around her neck attached to a four-kilogram dumbbell.

The dog was taken to a vet and found to be approximately four years old and expecting puppies.
Inspector Eyden said: "It is horrific that someone could drown a pregnant dog in this way. She may have been drowned deliberately because she was having puppies and someone did not want to have to deal with them. It would have taken her a while to die and she would have been terrified."

The horrific discovery comes just over a week after the charred body of a Staffordshire Bull terrier was found tied to a tree in a park In Handsworth, Birmingham. It is believed that the dog was still alive when an inflammable liquid was poured over it and set on fire.

The RSPCA is appealing for anyone with information on who drowned the dog to contact the charity on 08705 555999. All calls will be treated in confidence.