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Bella Moss foundation receives cheque at Crufts

On the last day of this year’s Crufts show, Founder and President of The Bella Moss Foundation, Jill Moss, received a cheque for £117 from Charlotte Craig who had raised the money from the Samoyed exhibitors on Crufts’ opening day.

Charlotte said, "We held a raffle and the response was astonishing. Bella’s story has had an enormous impact on Sammy owners; we all can understand what a terrible experience it was for Jill to lose Bella in the way she did, and everyone seems to want to show their support for what The Foundation is trying to do. That’s why we raised so much in such a short time.

Charlotte has been involved in helping The Foundation since she met Jill at Crufts in 2005. "It seems unbelievable that Jill and I met by chance almost exactly a year ago." She said. "I had heard about what happened to Bella and had been trying to get in touch with Jill but without success. I came to Crufts last year still not having made contact and then, when I was waiting to take one of my Sammys into the ring, this woman came up to me and asked me to look at one of her brochures. I immediately knew it was Jill and said ‘I’ve been looking for you.’ Since then I’ve done everything I can to help."

This is the second donation that Charlotte has been able to make to The Foundation, and she hopes there will be many more to come. "We want to make sure that the work of The Foundation is given the support it needs," she said, "and that it gets as much publicity as possible. I’m really pleased that more and more people are hearing of The Bella Moss Foundation."

Jill agreed that there was a growing awareness of the work The Foundation was doing. "We have had the most amazing support from the press," she said, "but most particularly Our Dogs newspaper. They have been a fantastic help, and without them we would not have been able to get our message out nearly as effectively."

Jill received the cheque from Charlotte at the Our Dogs Stand at the Our Dogs stand accompanied by Foundation Secretary Mark Dosher and Our Dogs Editor Vince Hogan with Our Dogs owner David Cavill.

"We want to thank everyone who bought a raffle ticket from Charlotte," said Jill, "and all of those who have helped us over the past year. In particular we are very grateful to Quistel for their support in including our leaflet in their handouts.

The prize raffled by Charlotte was a cuddly dog immediately named ‘Bella’ by the winner, Samantha Critchley of Chester