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Can You Help A Collie In Need?
Wiccaweys Rescue wants New Homes For Collies In Need




WICCAWEYS RESCUED Border Collies and Working Sheepdogs may not be as well known as larger rescues, or charities such as the Dogs Trust or the RSPCA, but it carries out vital rescue and rehoming work for these breeds that many other charities are simply not geared up to undertake, by providing the specialist help that these active dogs need.

If you've been to an agility show recently, one of Wiccaweys’ rehomed Collies will have been competing. Wiccaweys – a non-profit making organisation - specialises in rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming Border Collies. Some have gone on to winning ways within agility circles, whilst others are beloved pets and companions. Minnie, another one of their rescued dogs is now a member of the Leicestershire Fire Service Search and Rescue Team. After her training is complete, Minnie will be travelling all over the world helping to save lives.

"Border Collies come in to us for a variety of reasons," says Sarah Carey, 36, founder and co-ordinator of Wiccaweys. "We've taken Collies from working homes, pet homes, as well as serious cruelty cases and strays. We also help Collies from Ireland, where their prospects of survival when unwanted are very slim. Because of the way we assess the dogs and do things on a one-to-one basis, we're often asked to take dogs from other rescue organisations.

"Even the large nationally recognised rescues have requested our assistance with dogs they’ve considered impossible to rehome. We live with the dogs, and really get to know their personalities. That's a great advantage because we're able to treat them as individuals, and train them or rehabilitate them according to their exact needs. These Collies are in our care for as long as it takes for us to find them exactly the right home."

"It's very important that the right dog goes into the right home," says Sarah’s partner Paul Gill, 31, part of the Wiccaweys set-up. "A Collie with a high drive working instinct in the wrong home is often seen as a ‘problem dog’, when really they are just misunderstood. A combination of their complex character and the different levels of working instinct make each and every Collie a real individual."

The rescue’s excellent work has received testimonials from scores of people who have taken on a Wiccaweys Collie, and from other rescue charities that have worked closely with Wiccaweys.

Late last year, Wiccaweys faced closure when their landlord wanted to sell up, but luckily they managed to relocate to ideal farm premises at Clifton Upon Dunsmore, Warwickshire close to Rugby, with excellent transport links for both the rescue & visitors, M1, M6 & A14.

Since moving to their new home, Sarah and Paul have continued Wiccaweys’ excellent work. However, a disturbing trend has emerged in the past few months; the charity seems to be taking more and more dogs that have been involved in cruelty cases.

"The number of cruelty cases towards Collies – and to dogs in general – makes me wonder if we are we slipping back in to the dark ages," says Sarah. "Ireland and the north of England seem to be the main source of such cases from a Collie point of view, but it seems to be pretty horrendous all over the country at the moment."

Sarah and Paul have noticed that larger numbers of older dogs seem to be discarded. "In the past week alone we have taken in three oldies, aged 13, 12 and 10 - and we have 2 more arriving next week," says Sarah. "One of these is a 14 year old girl who was forgotten by her owner outside the supermarket! The owner doesn't want her anymore as she is now too old to follow her home anymore with her other two Collies! Her attitude is unbelievable, it’s disposable dogs for a disposable society.

"People need to stop and think and take a second look at the older dogs. Their ideal family companion could be waiting for them, but is being overlooked because they don't fall into the 1 to 6years bracket. Do consider taking on a Wiccaweys Collie – you won’t be disappointed."

Sarah Carey outlines a few of Wiccaweys’ current cruelty cases:


Cloud is from Ireland, he was seen by the side of the road by a lady driving to work. She assumed he was dead as he was lying still. On her way back the Collie was still there and this time she detected movement! She took Cloud to the vet and they kept him in - he was emaciated and had been shot!

He was at the vet for about three weeks being fed and cared for as well as having his wounds cleaned and attended to. The vet said they could do anything with him and he was so passive that he just let them. They didn't think he would live.

Despite the odds - Cloud survived! He is now in foster and currently working on getting his weight up.


Taz is a very unusual coloured Collie chap who has come to Wiccaweys from a Northern Dog Pound. Taz has had a very sad start to life and has more lives than a cat! Taz was starved and thrown into a canal to drown. Luckily for Taz, a kind soul fished him out and he was handed in at the Dog Pound. He was bailed out of the Dog Pound on his last day before being put to sleep.

When Taz arrived with us he was very emaciated and depressed. He weighed less than 8kgs.
When we were asked to take him, we were told he was only about 4 months old. When he arrived and we examined him, it was apparent Taz was actually about 7 months old, and looked smaller due to his lack of food, and the fact that he hunched himself up to try not to be noticed.
Taz suffered with terrible stomach problems at first due to his bad start, but that has now settled down. As of the end of February he now weighs a lovely 12kgs!

Millie Mouse

Millie Mouse is a tiny little Collie/terrier cross girl from Ireland who was going to be drowned. Millie has had a very sad start to life. She had been neglected and starved.

Poor Millie has suffered health problems due to her bad start. She was suspected as having rickets. The poor little love's protein levels were extremely low and she was very anaemic, so she has been having special high protein meals. She is coming on nicely and is such a character.


Kasper has also come from Ireland. Sad Kasper has had a very tough start in life. He and his siblings were unwanted by their farmer. He was kept in a small kennel with his parents and his siblings, and the farmer used to feed them once a week by throwing half a calf in. They all had to fight for their food. The losers would go hungry. When Kasper was rescued he was very emaciated and extremely food aggressive for obvious reasons. Kasper has come on nicely and is now a very good boy around food bowls.


Poor Ollie was found in one of the worst areas of Limerick for cruelty. He had huge open wounds on his body which had become infected. He had to spend about 10 days in the veterinary hospital, he was very thin and in poor condition generally. Animal Welfare volunteers were told from reliable sources that gangs had set their fighting dogs on Ollie to 'blood them' - in other words Ollie was used as a 'bait dog' to train fighting dogs. Despite his horrendous experience, dearest Ollie is a wonderful lad. He has a lovely nature and is great with both people and dogs. He loves to play with other dogs.

And a few of our current Oldies:

Harold – 10 years old

Harold is a lovely, gentle chap of around 10 years. He has come to Wiccaweys from a rescue in Ireland. Harold is a lovely old boy, very quiet, loving and friendly. He travels well. Harold is very good with other dogs, cats and apparently chickens! He just loves the sofa! He would make a wonderful companion and friend for someone - he would like a nice fire to curl up in front of, after a nice walk.

Grace – 13 years old

Grace came to Wiccaweys from Huddersfield dog pound, where she was on the list to be PTS. Her history is that she came from Hungarian owners, so only speaks that language! She is coming on nicely with her English commands and will be bi-lingual very soon! Grace is a calm, sweet girl who enjoys a cuddle as much as she enjoys her little bit of independence. She has settled in well with the rest of the retirement home residents, and isn't bothered by the cats or the chickens. Gracie likes to sneak up stairs to snaffle the cats’ food and sleep outside the bedroom door. Grace is still an active lady who enjoys her walks, playing Frisbee and swimming! Grace has been looking for a home of her own for a year now.

Jessica – 6 years old

Jessica is a lovely black and white girl who has come to Wiccaweys from Ireland. She has come into rescue because she developed diabetes after her last season. Her owner took her into the vets to have her PTS as they didn't want an 'ill dog'. The vets refused to kill Jessica as she is such a wonderful girl. They took on her care and found her a safe place.

Jessica is a beautiful girl. We were expecting a very sad and frail girl to turn up - as you can see from her first photo taken in the vets - however Jess is nothing like that! She is a really happy soul, full of life and love and who really enjoys having fun! She loves the company of other dogs and she adores playing with toys. She has a fabulous temperament and is very well behaved. In short - Jessica is a dream of a Collie!

There is every chance that her diabetes will disappear once she has been spayed, however if not, all she needs is one injection of insulin a day. Jess is very good about having this done, and will sit patiently in front of you waiting.

Jess is an absolute sweetheart who deserves to be spoilt rotten and be allowed to share her big heart and zest for life with a family of her own.

If you would like to offer one of the Collies a loving home, make a donation or help Wiccaweys in some way, please call Sarah Carey on: 07905 203254. Wiccaweys website: