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Crufts’ big ring security breached

Despite a high state of alert in the main ring on Sunday evening at Crufts for the live TV best in show judging, a man dressed like a security guard managed to get into the ring with a dog.

He paraded a terrier on a lead with two balloons tied to its collar in front of the VIP seats, much to the amusement of the crowd.

Entering the ring from the side he proceeded across the ring behind the terrier group winner and was only accosted when he reached the collecting ring entrance. Security guards escorted him out of the ring and the famous Keddell Memorial Trophy was momentarily removed from its plinth by a member of the trophy security staff.

Before admission to the stands all bags were searched and at 4.30pm on the Sunday sniffer dogs were used the check the whole seating area. In a new move all press and photographers had to wear security tags on their wrists as well as their admission badges.